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So I have been looking at all of these 30 day workout challenges and do it yourself at home stuff because of my busy schedule...well so I combined a few and designed my own 30 day full body workout plan!! Enjoy!

Skinny Ms.from Skinny Ms.

30 Day Beginners Running Challenge

Welcome to the 30 Day Beach Body Challenge! Bikini season is right around the corner – are you ready? Read the full challenge at

10 Week Workout Plan, using Zumba as my cardio instead. On a mission to be fine by Vegas time!


A One-and-Done Workout: Burn Calories and Build Strength

VS Full Body Workout

Skinny Momfrom Skinny Mom

Pack a Perfect Gym Bag: 11 Must-Haves

This would be a good idea after baby #2 comes. 30 day running challenge


Hairspray and Highheels

Looking for a new workout? How about one that requires no gym membership?? Check out this #NOEXCUSES Full Body Workout!


Work Every Muscle With This Printable Bodyweight Workout

30 Day challenge I love pinning these hoping to give me inspiration to actually do them

30 Day Fitness Challengesfrom 30 Day Fitness Challenges

30 Day Wall Sit Challenge

This 30 day wall sit workout challenge has been designed as a great way to tone up and strengthen your leg and core muscles, by doing a simple exercise once a day


No-Excuses Bodyweight Workout Challenge

Join our monthlong bodyweight workout challenge. We will give you the workouts to follow this plan so you can stay fit no matter where you are. No equipment means no excuses

30 day abs and squats challenge. awesome Bikini body workout. Want more?......