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Small Ceramic Pomegranate, Jewish Art Collectibles, Decorative Sculpture,Contemporary Fruit,Colorful Handmade Pottery,Modern Gift,Home Decor

Pomegranate Jewish,Ceramic Pomegranate,Contemporary Fruit,Sculpture Contemporary,Pottery Modern,Handmade Pottery,Art Collectibles,Collectibles Decorative,Fruit Colorful

Jewish Papercut Mazl Tov 25, jewish gifts, paper goods, judaica, handmade, unique gifts. $190.00, via Etsy.

Holiday sale Pomegranates art print, Pomegranate watercolor print, fruit art print, Judaica art, Rosh Hashanah, garnet red, Green leaves, ho

3 pomegranates art print of original watercolor painting.home decor , wall art ,Mediterranean, green, garnet red

Luscious red ceramic pomegranate, decorative and functional for serving pomegranate, red and white glazes

Chalom Samech - Dreaming of Samech- Judaica Jewish Hebrew Art Signed Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Gift Print by Adam Rhine

Chalom Samech Dreaming of Samech Judaica Jewish by HebrewArt

Jewish Mezuzah with Pomegranate and Tree of Life