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Pug Life

too cute: 'dogocle' a monocle for dogs by 'warby barker', a fun spin off of warby parker but for dogs

Yes, I'm the snorter laugher.  Pity me if you will, but you ought to try it!!!!  You haven't begun to live!!  I have SNORTS depths I haven't even used yet! ~Sassafras


Pug snorting print of Original Painting by tinyconfessions for Hannah

breaking bad... omggg PUGGLES!

Well, this is the first Breaking Bad dog costume I've seen. It's Walter White himself, hard at work. Way too funny. He's got the Heisenberg stare down pat, I


This is my pug, except its a king-size bed with pillow-top mattress.


Stop the car! Dairy Queen is back there. Everyone, including Pugs, like DairyQueen!

Take A Nap I Got This

Another pug photo bombing a baby picture. This is great timing and one of the best pug pictures we've ever seen!