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hi brother! by iDruz Arsyad, via 500px

the best inspiration for your home comes directly from nature. Wow, this is my color palette in my bedroom. Turquoise, brown, white and black.

I could sit for hours watching birds play around in the water-they always look so Happy!!!

Rufous Hummingbird. The feistiest hummingbird in North America. The brilliant orange male and the green-and-orange female Rufous Hummingbird are relentless attackers at flowers and feeders, going after (if not always defeating) even the large hummingbirds of the Southwest, which can be double their weight. Rufous Hummingbirds are wide-ranging, and breed farther north than any other hummingbird.

My Name is Caruso by Axel Hildebrandt via 500px. "This Field Sparrow was singing to claim his territory. Photographed in Pennsylvania."

Kamikaze Kingfisher | Photo by Elbert Chou

#Great Blue-Heron with a male Red-Winged Blackbird #Birds