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Silver Labrador.

Silver Labrador: I usually don't pin animals. But, I think i'd love to have a silver lab. We have a white lab now.I think I like unusual animals haha- Beautiful! I have never seen a lab this color!

goldens are the best :)

9 week old golden retriever young puppy is so adorable, and we are doing clicker training. Golden retriever puppy is doing clicker training! 9 week old golden retriever puppy is so cute, and we are doing clicker training.

... and "real" love is to live in one man's house, have a one-night stand with another, move forward to date a third, and eventually fall back on option two so she could plan a girls night out to watch #magicmike in #slomo four days after the #debased wedding

So true! Yeah, so listen up, you little designer rats! I could eat you for lunch!



they are the sweetest big dogs you'll ever meet! they have a TON of energy though :) I love my Weimaraner

Silver lab puppy: Louisiana Silver Labradors look us up on Facebook!

Labrador Retriever - Intelligent and Fun Loving