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Dirt-and-branches sculpture by Russian artist Dimitri Tsykalov

wooden heart by dimitri tsykalov I am a collector of hearts in art and jewerly. This wood carved heart is beautiful.

Sick sculpture

Alice is one of my heroines! Alice Through The Looking Glass Guildford Castle secret garden, Guildford, United Kingdom. Can't wait for Once Upon A Time: Wonderland!

Random Pictures Of The Day – 48 Pics - Daily Lol Pics

Beautiful Violin From Wood Art - You are viewing Photo titled Beautiful Violin Created From Wood Carving Into A Tree Stump. from the Category Amazing Pictures Tags: Designs & Artistic Nature

Sculpture, tree, wood, elf, faerie

A sculpted Wood Elf - or Dryad - in a tree. Perhaps we should look at the trees more closely.

Tempus Transit Gelidum — Lion, made of used tires and steel by Yong Ho Ji....

Lion, made of used tires and steel by Yong Ho Ji. As seen in the Beyond Limits Exhibition at Chatsworth House

30 Stunning Wood Art Ideas - Bored Art

30 Stunning Wood Art Ideas

Environmental art: Bronwyn Berman beach weaving - The wave land art installation great texture ,shape and use of natural materials.

Cast Resin - Poured into the Blood vessels and Tissue peels away.

Resin cast of human heart blood vessels. This model was achieved by injecting liquid plastic into a real heart. Plastic resin fills the blood vessels and, once the resin sets, the tissue is dissolved away leaving a perfect replica of the blood supply ~

"Venus" - Kate McDowell, 2006 {artistic anatomical heart sculpture 9"x14"x9", hand built porcelain #anatomy, 6-glaze cone, acrylic gel, halogen light}

"Venus" - Kate McDowell, 2006 {anatomical heart sculpture hand built porcelain, cone, acrylic gel, halogen light} This is amazing

THE HIDDEN LIFE WITHIN     Photographs via bloghistapercaso.blogspot.com   In this incredible series of sculptures, artist Giuseppe Penone carefully removes the rings of growth to reveal the ‘sapling within’. By carving out the inside of a tree trunk and leaving the knots in place, they eventually emerge as tiny limbs shown above. Giuseppe [...]

Amazing wood sculptures by Italian artist, Giuseppe Penone. In “The Hidden Life Within,” Penone carves a young tree inside an old tree to highlight the passage of time and the importance of living in the present. “Tree of 12 Metres” … Continue reading →

willow woman

♂ Environmental art land art Nature art Sculpture "Willow Lady" by Trevor Leat In the garden of the National Museum of Costume, near Dumfries.

Giuseppe Licari

- I love how much more intricate the root system of a tree is than the branch system. There is a great contrast between thin thread like roots to thick sturdy roots tree roots emerge from the ceiling in an installation by giuseppe licari …

By their faithfulness to God, obedient mankind will be granted, everlasting life in human perfection on a paradise earth. Rev 21:3, 4. Visit jw.org click on Bible questions answered.

We are the custodians of the Mother Earth goddess Bhumi, who sometimes takes the form of a cow, and to whom I pray apologies for the many offenses of the human race towards her.

Et spændende eventyr under opsejling

poster for Oregon Country Fair 2010 by Corey and Catska Ench. Reminds me of my days designing for the fair years ago. OCF was fun back then.