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  • Devon West

    Ballerinas are so beautiful

  • The Wonderful World of Dance

    Jan Ung- dance student, 1978 ♥ Wonderful! #dance

  • Heidi Ohlander

    Ballet dancer in 1978 #ballet #vintage #behindthescenes #legwarmers #pointe #dance Ballet shoes as a form of body modification. Dancers feet routinely become damaged from dancing.

  • Mya Bateman

    Ballet dancer in 1978 #ballet leg warmers #pointe .

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I miss ballet barre more than anything... It was always so peaceful and meditative

One of my many hopes for my daughter is that she one day receives her toe shoes. The meaning of that day will be right up there with graduation and wedding. :)

Yuan Yuan Tan and Damian Smith in Tomasson's 'The Fifth Season' at SF Ballet (© Erik Tomasson) - Ballet, балет, Ballett, Bailarina, Ballerina, Балерина, Ballarina, Dancer, Dance, Danse, Danza, Танцуйте, Dancing

Гори, жуй землю, реви, бейся об стенку головой, но никогда не отказывайся от мечты! это единственная искренняя цель в твоей жизни!

backonpointe.tumb... I'm a college student and a dancer. Never judge someone until you know their story, so many things can be hidden behind a smile.

The back muscles...via Phych101 @ flickr

ATL Ballet Rehearsal via Flickr.

Carla Korbes and Lucien Postelwaite of Pacific Northwest Ballet in Romeo et Julliette, 2010

en ballet thank you mom for letting me dance

Ballet is hard! You do tons of combinations that the teacher designs to kill you and she yells at you the whole time about what your doing wrong and you want more then anything to please her and her to say good job so you try and try and try but your body just won't do it and thats just bar. At the end your feet kill your muscles ache. I wouldnt trade a second of it for anything

just a few wiggles of chalk, right? it may take some time...but Im getting my ballerinas.