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QR codes for each of our doors for Back to School Night. Parents were able to scan the code and recieve tons of information, including phone numbers, conference periods and email addresses. Many other great ideas on her site.

Three Things to do With QR Codes On Back-to-School Night

a QR code scavenger hunt. The code will take them to a location in the school, where there is a clue. They have to answer the question (clue) for the point.

Meet the Teacher Night Treat for parents...hopefully the message will be meaningful :) Open House at day care

How simple and USEFUL QR codes can be in the classroom- this would be cool to use on programs for music concerts- more info on pieces of music, etc.!

from Minds in Bloom

Using QR Codes in Your Classroom: It's Easier Than You Think

QR Codes in the classroom - easy, fun, and there is a freebie in this post!


Classroom Routines Made Simpler with QR Codes

Classroom routines made easy with QR codes

from YourDictionary

Commonly Confused Words

Infographic for commonly confused (misspelled or misused) words. A helpful infographic from Your Dictionary. Perfect for the classroom!

Definitely want to make a brochure like this because open house is such a hectic time! Lots of great ideas for open house on this blog!