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I am doing this, its such a cute idea. My husband put Nerf guns on our wedding registry and we got them!


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This Is What Marriage Should Be Like…

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This is so sweet

This is so sweet


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This is so sweet

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Already married the one who laughs at my nerd jokes but I would so start a fight so I could do this and see what would happen.

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fun date

Yeah That'Ll



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I have no shame.

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Post-it notes for Valentines Day. All the things I love about YOU! #valentinesday

Cotton Balls



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Hilarious!!!! I need to update this category

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Lip punch *mwah*

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How much fun would it be to race around the neighborhood like that?


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hahaha yesss

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how awesome! Now I need to go to Disney World and try this! ;)

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... That actually looks like SO much fun! :D

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check list :)

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