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    I still have mine, and I still haven't beat Mario.

    Sharp Boom Box

    I always wanted one so I could make a tape saying whatever I wanted then he would say it.... Lmao

    I wonder if these are still made!?!? I loved these when I was little!!

    This makes me feel old... now I have to see if my parents still have mine.

    Friendship bracelets

    Ooozzzing center

    i have been looking to buy one!

    Loved these guys

    Inflatable chairs! I definitely still have mine!

    had these in black and pink

    My Sister Had One of these and NEVER let me play with it. Even if she was at school, she'd hide it. :(

    And you could fit everything you needed and more in your Caboodle with ease. | The 20 Most Essential Items In Your '90s Beauty Kit

    This looked exactly like mine!

    oh my! Banana clips!

    Caboodles! A better way to organize your prized possessions: | 38 Things You Will Never Experience Again But where are the Trapper Keepers?

    This was before facebook and texting!

    totally had these!!!!

    AHHH! This brings back memories! Wonder if I still know how to do this???

    Totally had one of these!