don't pretend like you don't remember!

wish I still had mine

Awwww.....loved these!

Remember this~


Sharp Boombox - ha! had this exact one!!! I think I even owned that Ace of Base cassette tape

Loved these guys!

You had beeper codes perfected. | 55 Things Only ’90s Teenage Girls Can Understand

Loved these guys

Fisher Price Medical Kit

I think I had one like this one.Pip Pip Hooray: 80s Toy Fun!

Batons. Now who didn't have a baton growing up in the 70's and 80's.. I hurt quite a few family members and myself thinking how great I was...

Sticker Albums

Makeup Mirror! I had one, and I think it was just like this one or similar.

Totally had one of these!

Do you remember water babies? 90s

This toy. Made by Tupperware?

have always loved these

banana seat