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    Put $1 in a jar every time you complete a workout. When you reach a certain goal, say $100, treat yourself to a massage or a new pair of jeans. Great motivation!

    plug in your height, weight, pant/shirt sizes & see what other women who are the same size look like... it gives you a more accurate body image. I'm hard on myself, but I would have called other women my height and weight hot. We can have such a warped sense of self

    Use Popsicle sticks as motivation to work out. | Community Post: 31 Creative Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

    you click on the part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

    Weight Loss Motivation Visuals - Clever Ideas to Keep You Motivated

    Study after study shows that vitamin D helps to ensure body cells listen and respond to insulin, a hormone secreted from your pancreas. One of its jobs is to help glucose get into body cells, which burn glucose for energy. How well insulin pushes glucose into cells is called "insulin sensitivity." The more sensitive your cells are to insulin, the better. The less sensitive they are to insulin, the more likely the calories you eat will end up in your fat cells....moral of story take vitamin d supplements!

    This girl has awesome tips on eating clean and staying healthy. Pin now read later- She has GREAT ideas for lunches to take to work and snacks that don't require a lot of time.

    40 Things to Try When You Don't Want to Work Out #motivation

    Good to know! If you want to eat unhealthy but maintain your weight, here's a small list of foods and how much time you have to work out to burn it off!.... Wow!

    How have I not known about this website! I am in love. 12 minute cross- fit workouts updated EVERY day!

    This is neat... type in your current weight and your goal weight to see the difference. Good motivation!

    Found this on an inspirational blog with lots of exercises, daily tips and motivation.... - The Beauty Thesis

    whoa!! she went from 168 lbs to 119 lbs doing Zuzana Light's workouts!

    Dr. Oz's 100 weight loss tips

    Drop an Entire Dress Size With This Speedy Strength Workout ;)

    Time for a new workout!

    The 100 Workout | thehautebunny


    Take each workout one day at a time.

    Back On Pointe