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Body piercing is something of a modern fad amongst youngsters (and some oldsters). It involves inserting metal objects in to places in the body that really don’t need to have metal objects in them. Some people have become so fascinated by this practice that they have “extreme” piercings. This is a list of the top 10. These images are all safe for work – though I can not be held responsible for your dry-cleaning bill if you are viewing this after eating.

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Still starstruck: Young Belgian's misery three years after she had 56 tattoos on her face

I really don't understand this. I am not against tattoos or piercings, but this is hard for me to even look at.

In total, brazilian Elaine Davidson has the most number of tattoos and over 2500 piercings on her body, both internally and externally, approximately 500 just around the genitals. the total extra weight she carries due to this obsession comes to around 3kg and she is thankfully the most pierced person in the world. now living in edinburgh she claims to be too scared to go home to brazil due to the attention she’d attract possibly resulting in some kind of attack