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  • Kimberly Jill

    Responsive Classroom ideas for the first week of school

  • Beth Hendrickson

    Beginning of the School Year Activity (Could be up all week, students invited to add their stickies at any point throughout the week)

  • Missy F.

    back to school ideas - Mrs. Robinson's Classroom Blog: Meaningful First Week Activities

  • Susan Marie

    Meaningful First Week Activities: questions about the upcoming school year that students answer on post it notes in small groups and then stick them under the question. class discussion afterward. What makes something worth reading (mention content, not ease)? What makes writing something difficult? What is the purpose of living? What is going on right now that is worth noticing? What is your goal this year? What topic do you wish was taught in school and why?

  • Lindsay Patterson

    Six Classroom Questions to start off the school year! Great first day activity!

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more "getting to know you" activities for the first weeks

This 9 square quilt activity allows students to draw or write about their favorite things. I have them cut these out and we put them all together to form one huge class quilt to be displayed on the wall. See my new "Guess About Me" icebreaker game for the start of the school year: Guess About Me Game.

Slinky Character Trait Person - FREEBIE. Students could use this to write and share about themselves.

FREE! This sheet can be used as a reference for kids to use when stuck for something to write about, a fast finisher activity, or a first week of school activity!

Ms. Third Grade first day of school -(or use as a good icebreaker for adults!)

First Week Of School Activities... I like the idea of classmates interviewing each other. I don't think I would do this on the FIRST day... but maybe later in the week.

This poem starter is a great way to wrap up learning as well as to write about oneself. I've used it to wrap up Native Americans. Kids take the point of view of a culture region. For example. "I am a person of the Great Plains"

I love doing these the first week of school and the last week of school...5th graders ideas change a lot throughout the year

Six Classroom Questions to start off the school year. Need to revamp them to suit high school but love this idea for Day 1!