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  • john cris

    Zeus - Father of Gods and Men, he is the god of sky and thunder, justice and order. #ancient #art

  • Christoffer Pertoft

    Detail of a Roman statue of Seleinos (Silenus) | Roman copy of a Greek original (original from circa 340-320 BCE) | Collection of the Glyptothek Munich Germany | Photo by Giopuo

  • helen alpino

    In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of sky and thunder, justice and order. His symbols are the thunderbolt, eagle, bull, and oak. (Roman equivalent - Jupiter)

  • Real Macedonia

    Great Zeus, King of the Gods, You who are just and kind, You who are the protector of all who follow You, You who oversee all that is on Olympos, Gaia and Haides, I ask that You bestow Your kindness and protection upon me And all whom I love. Blessed Zeus, Father Zeus, I give Thee honor and praise! - By Timotheos #Macedonia the #ancient #kingdom of #Greece #Olympus home of the #Greek #Gods #zeus

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Um, another Lizzy Stewart... this is similar to the illustration style I try to create. A cool idea would be making personalized profiles for couples or friends as gifts. I'll try one of these days.


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