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Indonesia, Java ~ Dutch East Indies

Modern Kebaya - Kebaya, Indonesians' pride - Cihud AiuWardani

Chicken Cage Copper Lamp with Mega Mendung Batik Motifs, Indonesia: Lamp inspired by a bird cage with Mega Mendung batik motif made from dark yellow copper alloy. The International 2012 Panel of Experts commended the smart translation of a local chicken cage and traditional batik motifs into an elegant contemporary lamp with excellent shape and proportion and a pleasant combination of raw materials.

Batik Pattern, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Detail of a batik design from Indonesia - this would be GORGEOUS as an accent in my library with my steamer trunk, Edison pendants and world map art :)

Solo ( now named Surakarta) was one of the two sultanates, with all the traditions and customs of their courts, and the center of Hindu-Javanese culture.The 'kain panjang' means 'long cloth'. It is a piece of cloth of approximately one by two and a half metre. It is used as the sarong, but the kain panjang is regarded as being more formal.

Batik itu Asli Indonesia. Jangan ngaku-ngaku deh ah. Kayak tetangga sebelah tuh > mau disebutin, tapi terlalu frontal. Hahaha kasihan sama tetangga.

would love to find these on our Indonesia trips - copper tjap to make batik…