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    is that all???? :)

    • Kristen Gambill

      Oh wow - this is good birth control! I don't think my husband could handle all of my questions and a kid's questions ha! Gotta love the words of a 4 year old!

    • Susan Hoernschemeyer

      Oh yes. Very well aware, might have guessed a higher number...For my 4 year old that would be more like 4037 questions a day and I love every one of them <3

    • Nikki Mitrothanasis

      anybody who knows me well would know i ask maybe 302 questions in a day...almost as many as a 4 year old

    • Brigid O'Toole

      HDFS fun fact: Kids ask so many question because they are trying to build their vocabulary and they want to know everything. When kids are preschool-aged they learn an average of 10-20 new words a day. So the best thing you can do is to answer all of their questions, give more detail to the things you say to them, and ask them questions back.

    • Denise Mortimore

      I believe my 4 year old must be above average since I'm quite sure she asks more questions than that in a day!

    • Sharon Marlow

      I have 2 4 year old grandsons. Thank goodness they are not in the same household!! Funny!

    • Jena Camp

      Be Patient Moms, it's a fact your kids are annoying. It's the 4 year old thing..

    • sarah nyenhuis

      Or just talks about random stuff - 4 year old

    • Crazy Fangirl 2882

      4 year old Quote

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    my life....

    Too funny and so true.


    haha so true

    ...the cookie dough too!


    uh oh

    You know it was a good day...this makes me laugh because when I pick up Em we have this routine: she climbs in her seat, I buckle her in as baby bro happily kicks and claps to see her again, I say "baby Paul sure missed you! Mama missed you!! (Exchange nose kisses), then I ask did you have any time outs today baby?," it's always a good day when the answer is no. ;-)


    True. Very true. Lmao

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

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    So me.

    I deserve a bonus!

    ... guilty. :)

    Okay, you have to admit this is funny!

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    Enough said ;-)