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A fitness robot? Anything to push you to the next level.

Robots could soon replace human security guards | The K5 robot is designed to detect anomalous behavior, such as someone walking through a building at night, and report back to a remote security center. [Future Robots: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-robots/ Robotics Books: http://futuristicshop.com/category/robotics-books/ Robots for Home: http://futuristicshop.com/category/robots/]

Meet Nadine, the world's most human-like robot. Scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore say robots like Nadine will one day play a part in the workforce

Future Technology, Unprecedented Speed, Technological Change

Orbotix's Sphero robot ball is like a remote control car from the future. #futuretech

Video: Meet Hasbro's Ampbot, the mother of all Rollys #futuretech #futuristic #technology

Google just awarded $1M to fund development of the 'schweeb' human powered monorail system. I'd love to try one of these!

Nudge Puts All Your Fitness Tracking Data in One Place

The Newest & Most Interactive Fitness Gadget On The Horizon: LumaFit #ZAGGdaily #wearabletech

FDA clears two wristworn fitness trackers for clinical trials

Human and robot rights in the future, Raymond Kurzweil

Meet Your Digital Coach Fitness Technology #fitnesstech #sports #sportstech #sportsbiz #tech #technology

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The Hand Fitness Trainer. A recipient of the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Award, this is the hand fitness trainer that can slow the progression of osteoarthritis and mitigate the effects of repetitive-motion injuries in the hands. By flexing your hand in the opposite direction of its typical motion, the trainer strengthens the extensor muscles in your hands, wrists, and elbows

The Best Activity Trackers for Fitness

Sport Pulse Ring – $11 #watch #clock #stopwatch #battery #lightweight #easy

Larklife - Fitness band you wear as a bracelet so you can track your activity + get tips on how to make changes!

It's. A. Fridge. Holds items within a sanitized gel. And keeps them cold. Reach in to pull them out, without worrying about residue on them..... My mind is BLoWN. Read the article! Weirdddddddd

Fitness tracker https://amiigo.com/

Fresh on IGM > Future Road Technology: Eco-Pave and likely even recycled plastics will be the standard materials in road construction of the future. See the rest 8 innovations in traffic technology that will take road safety to the next level. > http://infographicsmania.com/future-road-technology/

Product design - An innovative way to feel music. Designer Jackson McConnell created a waveform speaker for hearing-impaired people to enjoy music. #innovation #design #gadget #music #speaker #waveform #smartlife