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Carlos Fuentes, Mexican Novelist, Dies at 83

Carlos Fuentes, Mexican Novelist, Dies at 83 - La Muerte De Artemio Cruz was the first novel I read in Spanish

10 Early Radical Poets

Lola Ridge (1873-1941) Anarchist, feminist poet Lola Ridge conquered capitalism, gender and race issues, and radical politics in her long form works. She wrote an unflinching view of New York City’s Lower East Side in her first book The Ghetto and Other Poems (1918). Ridge didn’t shy away from troubling subjects as in Lullaby — about the murder of an African American baby at the hands of white women during the St. Louis race riots

"Extraño la Cruz del Sur cuando la sed me hace alzar la cabeza para beber tu vino negro medianoche. Y extraño las esquinas con almacenes dormilones donde el perfume de la yerba tiembla en la piel del aire." (Julio Cortázar)

“The true novelist is one who understands the work as a continuous poem, is a myth-maker, and the wonder of the art resides in the endless different ways of telling a story.” ― Muriel Spark

Never take your deli for granted, I guess... 'My Korean Deli: Risking It All for a Convenience Store’

La educadora argentina Emilia Ferreiro, quien revolucionó la lectoescritura, asegura que si los docentes no leen son incapaces de transmitir placer por la lectura. Dice que todos los chicos pueden aprender si los maestros se lo proponen. Para la...

Lily Whitebear -- The Bookworm - This beautiful model was on display at a local exhibition of modelling. The Bookworm's creator graciously gave permission to photograph him but modestly withheld her name.