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John Green

Healthier, non-medicinal remedies

25 Useful Life Hacks…

too funny!


My mom told me this YEARS ago; This is the BEST advice anyone can give. People say they are just venting, but others don't forgive and forget the things you say about your husband because they don't love him like you do. Sometimes the only way people know your husband is through you. Build him up. Always.

info on breastfeeding & pumping

Love Wisteria!!

LOL!! This is SO Me!!! :-)

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Good to know!

Awesome!! Sunken fire pit

Awesomeness!!! :-)

what to eat and NOT eat while breastfeeding

instead of saying "don't argue with me" say..."I know you want my answer to be different, but it will not change." pinning this for future reference!

Oh! I'm SO Doing this!!!! :-)

Gonna need this in a few months!! :-)

God is in control - hold plans loosely

Cool stuff

Gonna need this someday! A good breakdown not only of labor positions, but of why they do what they do and the physiology.

I Love My Hubby & Animals!!! ♥

Can't wait for the day My Love & I get to take pix like these!! :-)

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these eye-popping images are so cool!