Golden Gate

North tower revealed, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA (by Tyler Westcott). So beautiful, this is how I remember the view from my friends house high up in the hills of San Francisco ❤

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco I've seen it, but I want to take Heidi to see it. At night, because I've only seen it during the day.

San Francisco Travel Poster GG Bridge 1960s

San Francisco Travel Poster GG Bridge My daughter graduated from San Franisco Golden Gate University and lived in the area for years. She was there when earthquake hit SF.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransisco, California U. ~ I have actually crossed the bridge in fog like this!

Wasser-Autobahn zwischen Schweden und Dänemark Foto: madafacar

OK so when you drive on a bridge over water you roll down a window. So what do you do if you drive on a bridge under water?Amazing Engineering - This bridge connects Denmark and Sweden. The made part of the path go underwater to let ships pass.

golden gate bridge

Drive The Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California - Bucket List! Even though I was born in the Bay Area and crossed that bridge while I lived there for the 12 years of my life.

Taipei,Taiwan  photo via rocknoats

Jindai Bridge, Dahu Park (Taipei, Taiwan) Known as the "Moon Bridge", it gets its name from the perfect circle that forms thanks to the arch's reflection in the calm water of the pond.

A great list of things to do in San Fran

markmejia: “ guillee: “ I love this San Francisco poster by Kevin Dart. ” Love this kind of art. ” I love this city. &The City loves me!

Best Destinations in USA (Part 2) - San Francisco- California (10 Pics) | See More Pictures | #SeeMorePictures

Bay Bridge illuminated, San Francisco California I lived in Santa Rosa Cal. North of San Fran.

San Francisco Bay Area Blanketed in Fog

SF Bay Area Beautifully Blanketed in Fog

Although fog can be a nuisance, especially when it blocks your view, Terence Chang shows that it makes a great photographic subject by itself. The fog covering San Francisco adds another layer onto the landscape, which is rather magical.