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There´s plenty of fishes in the sea... but dat one is mine, DONT TOUCH LOOK AT OR EVEN THINK ABOUT THAT FISH!!!!! HE'S MINE!!!!!

So true. Also mom does this Rachel B

This is amazing...

So sad

I Bake Because Punching Is Frowned Upon. Click the hoodie to get yours now!


need one (this will make a perfect gift to my accountant #funny ads #funny commercial #commercial ads #funny commercial ads|

I have selective OCD! Kitchen has to be clean, counters cleared, nothing on it but my craft area should probably be condemned! It's piled 3 feet high! :D



" of the voices in my head has a potty mouth today."

So true!!

Creative ‘Reveals’ Women’s Bathroom Sign Figure Is Not Wearing A Dress -

it's the greatest time of year?

actually true

TO DO funny quotes quote positive truth inspirational wisdom lol inspiration humor

#Coffee #Humor #quote Picture

My life at the moment...

10 Things No One Told You About Having a Newborn - The Naughty Mommy

This is terrible... But sooo funny!

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Thanks to all the mothers out there for everything you do