Latte art, Ganesh! #ganesh


Taiwan Latte Art - Cappuccino con pavone


I seriously want to travel all the way to Australia JUST to have one of these adorable latte's with the anchor!!! It's at a super cute beachside restaurant called "The Boat House"

Henna-inspired Latte Art

Latte Art /

Latte Art #cupamonth

Hugging Bears - Espresso Yourself: 25 Pieces of Latte Art Worth Instagramming via Brit + Co.

How cute! - Latte art

Simba Latte Art

Cat latte art.

Latte Art rose. #coffee

Latte Art

Latte Art

#Latte art

Stepping up the "simpple" art of drawing in milk foam and coffee, here comes 3d arts..Japanese Barista #coffee #latte #foam Makes 3D Latte Art

#Latte art :*¨¨*:Coffee♥Art:*¨¨*: #coffee #Paris

Latte art

latte art

latte art