Latte art, Ganesh! #ganesh



Taiwan Latte Art - Cappuccino con pavone

Latte Art #cupamonth

Latte Art /

Latte' Art. This video shows you how to make art on top of your coffee or hot chocolate. Great idea for a party or special guests.

I seriously want to travel all the way to Australia JUST to have one of these adorable latte's with the anchor!!! It's at a super cute beachside restaurant called "The Boat House"

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"All you need is love and coffee" quote. going to paint this design over the sign in my kitchen :)

How cute! - Latte art - panda - Gourmet coffee ready for you to love is available at!

Henna Latte Art

firework cafe latte ! Happy 4th!

Hugging Bears - Espresso Yourself: 25 Pieces of Latte Art Worth Instagramming via Brit + Co.

Latte art

Owl latte art - I wouldn't want to drink it :P

Latte art

Latte Art rose.

Dragon latte art

Love You a Latte Mug - Black

This is the best latte art instruction I have ever found. I show it to everyone I train.