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Amazon Quietly Acquired Shoefitr

It looks like Amazon has made another acquisition under the radar, this time to boost online sales in fashion. The company has purchased Shoefitr, a startup..

America’s crypto battles

China's push for Internet sovereignty gained momentum abroad after Edward Snowden released information about U.S. National Security Agency surveillance programs. Capitalizing on the anti-U.S. sentiment in other authoritarian countries like Russia, Ir...

Targeted Prostaglandin F2α Antagonists As Novel Candidates For Endometriosis Therapy

These are Chronoton particles. They are the time-sensitive particles that make traveling though time possible. Levy observes that everything built from this molecule is spherical, curved, and very organic-looking as if it was grown, not built.

Amazing art work by @stylizma Thank you so much .. This look is currently on…

Have you ever wished for a grocery drive-up service? Whether you only need a few things, or you actually need several things but only have a few minutes to get them, shopping online for groceries and…

Retail Superstars: Inside the 25 Best Independent Stores in America by George Whalin,