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so true!

Would be nice to actually be able to wear clothes that were in fashion again. Maybe if I get to my goal weight, I will.

Bucket list - gotta work on the everyday part.

Start a diary and write in it every day. I tried to do this several times, but ended up giving up after awhile. One day I'll manage to stop being so lazy and start a diary that I'll actually write in at least once a day.

Gross but so cool!

The Bucket List on

Bucketlist; well I guess this would be on a wishlist since you can't plan a surprise party for yourself cuz then it won't be a surprise!

i've always wanted a surprise party thrown for me! (my birthday's in August hint hint)

I hope and I will....

Starting tomorrow I'll try to live a more healthy life, and I hope to have my dream body one day.

Cutee :)

bucket list: hug a penguin. That would make my life! I love penguins like none other

i didn't really eat at many cafes when i was there so i want to go do that next time i'm there

bucket list: have lunch at a cafe in paris. it had the best ice cream ever, omg.


Make my life so adventurous that my biography would be an adventure book!

Welcome to the second “ToT”. Today’s topic is “MY BUCKET LIST”. Please remember, you do not have to write on this, it’s just a suggestion. Here we go! I’ve…

Thoughts on Thursday: My Bucket List


Be the maid of honor at my best friend's wedding. I've already been a flower girl, and I've been a bridesmaid 3 times, I'd just like to be a maid/matron of honor.

Check, I did that and dropped it into the Kansas River.

Send a Message in a Bottle

Bucket list: send a message in a bottle. Who knows, someone might write back! Id put my email inside to see who would write back

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or.. find the one i had.. :P


typewriters just make me think a lot. if i had one, i'd write a lot of poetry with it, and hang the writing on my walls. maybe that sounds conceited or something, but there's something ancientlyish inspiring about typewriters.

Ten facts about Human Body!

Strange but true facts. I knew about the sneezing one, it's because apparently your heart stops for a second when you sneeze. How strange. I've been sneezing a lot lately. So I've died quite a few times :/