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    I do this so many times, you would think that I would learn.

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    • Brailyn Pratt

      All the time now days!! my family laughs at me for gasping and clinging to the chair for dear life every time

    • chantey g.

      hahahaa, this is SO true. the heart races and then you realize you're alive and on 4 legs again. lesson learned? you'd think... but i'm sure i've done this countless times. ++++++++++++++++ one time i was with my cousins for lunch and i did this and fell. then we all started laughing :D haha

    • Angie Tamanaco

      This is still funny to me, even though it actually happened...I went too far back, and yes, the chair broke! Thankfully, no one else was in the imagining room when it happened...yes, I was still laughing hysterically when it happened, and laugh whenever I think about it!!!

    • Chelsea Novak

      My college roommate could tell you stories of me doing this ALL the time. Once I totally busted my butt and did a somersault out of my chair, not on purpose! We laughed for hours.

    • Angela McFarland

      Done this a million times and I still think I am going to die. Bad habit to have...I do this when I am thinking too hard. ...flinging myself to an uncertain suicidal death via desk chair or rocker..

    • Stephanie Sperfslage

      I giggled a little and remembered a time or 4 when it happened to some one else...

    • Love Life

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    • Patty

      funnies thing ever!!

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