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Hunting Together ... LOL! I love how she's reaching for the riffle 😁

the sad thing is it's both of us ♥

They will have enough meat off those two to last them a year.

Hunting,dang it,missed you.

This is what hunting is all about. This is a perfect sentiment to a picture speaks a thousand words. You just have to experience the tradition for yourself.

start them YOUNG. They will have more respect and appreciation for life than those who don't hunt at all

reckless | rebel | road trip | point | shoot | pistol | firearm | gun | shooting | drive | black & white | delinquent | ute

We're appropriating girl hunter, chef, and author Georgia Pellegrini's term: glunting.

It's for Women too guys. In fact they make the best hunting partners.

The legend of the Jack-a-lope, half Whitetail deer and half Jack-Rabbit. Only in Texas !!!!