succulent wall art

Succulent wall

Succulent containing vertically - love these colours! Links to some beautiful ideas.

Succulent Wall Hanging

Vertical Succulent Garden by VerticalFlora on Etsy,

Succulent in hollow log. Vertical planting. At Succulent Cafe in Oceanside, CA

Another Cute Fairy Garden - I wish this had a tutorial, but Wegmans has all kinds of succulent planters out right now that would have just about everything you'd want to build one of these.

nice little succulent box!

Chair full of succulents

How to Garden Anywhere - tips on how to garden in small and unusual spaces

Vertical Succulent Wall Art

If you have a dry birdbath or fountain, use it to display cascading, rosette and clump-forming succulents. Moreover, birdbaths, because they are basically a pan atop a pedestal, can be used for miniature landscapes. Consider it a bonus if a leak ruined your fountain or birdbath -- it means water will drain.

Great planting idea

DIY Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulant wall art

This planter is made using a plastic/rubber glove and cement. @Tammy Gatzke

Making Succulent Art

Would love to create a couple succulent gardens to bring the outdoors into our new home!

succulent basket

Vertical succulent wall