If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be. - Maya Angelou

"Your crown has been bought and paid for. Put it on your head and wear it." — Dr. Maya Angelou

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-Deepak Chopra

This is a wise thing to do. Follow these instructions and you will stay positive and focus on the beauty of the moment.

Stand up for something.

Maya Angelou

"If you get, give. If you learn, teach." —Maya Angelou

AMEN. Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. #Maya_Angelou #inspiration #quotes

choose who you surround yourself with.

"Take chances when you're old, so you can tell stories when you're old." Inspirational quotes and motivational sayings and words.


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"The secret to having it all is knowing you already do." --- God is always with you. Once you realize that truth, you have everything. Everything starts from within. #happy #life #quote

"One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful." - Sigmund Freud

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Infertility is definately a massive scar that will hopely result in stronger me!

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