Blissfully Ever After: How to Paint a Door {without brush marks}

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walk-in shower - still private & no door to clean....I want one!

The Crazy Sisters were right: add floetrol by sherwin williams to your paint when painting furniture or cabinets and it will take away all of those brush stroke marks and leave the paint smooth.

Picture Idea about Metallic Furniture: pIve used quite a few different types of paint for a silver or metallic finish on the pieces Ive worked on. There are some I like and some I dont like. Here are some of the paints Ive used that I like: Martha Stewarts Metallic Paint Line I have /p

DIY Door Trim Tutorial - Dream Book Design

Add lace to your window with cornstarch. Iron your lace and cut to fit. Mix 2 tbsp cornstarch with about an equal amount of cold water, then mix that in about a cup and a half of boiling water. Paint a thick layer on the window pane. Then apply another thick layer on top using random brush strokes being sure to get all the corners. To remove it, you just wash it off with warm water,

Such an awesome idea..

Painting your garage floor is a great way to protect it from oil and fluid drips from your car. Or, you can use specialty paints like epoxy to repurpose the garage and create more living space in your home. So what type of paint should you use? It really depends …

Update Your Garage Door

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27 #Tips for an organized, tidy garage. Click for #DIY ideas and hacks:

How to Repair a Drywall Crack Eventually even the best-built houses develop a few cracks due to settling, usually around doors and windows. Learn how to fix them the right way, so they don’t come back. 3-Step wall repair

Just 3 cheap door mirrors hung together to create a larger mirror (LIKE)

DIY Cabinets Try one of these ideas to bring personal style to a basic kitchen cabinet door -- on a budget.

Cheap House Update= Paint Old Doors White

Change Bi-fold Door to French Door ( i so want to do this to my closets!)

Paint door without painting hinges or taking door off!

DIY "Pottery Barn" black finish on furniture

Crown moulding guide. #DIY #home