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Custom Home Oil Painting for J.S

I like my Roses with a little coffee! Red Flower Painting floral still life by BarraganPaintings on Etsy, €55.00

How about some little green flowers for your cottage? Green Flower painting floral artwork by BarraganPaintings on Etsy, €55.00 #green #flower #painting

Italian Countryside Painting original landscape oil painting

I like my landscape with a little onion! Painting of Italian Landscape made in Italy by BarraganPaintings, €65.00

How about some white wild flowers for your country cottage? Painted in #Umbria Italy by BarraganPaintings, €55.00

Flower Bouquet of Geraniums Art Print

Flower Bouquet of Geraniums Art Print by BarraganPaintings. Worldwide shipping available at Just one of millions of high quality products available.

Green Italian Basil Still Life Kitchen Painting

I fell in love with this Umbrian tree at sunset one late summer afternoon. Italian Landscape Painting french provincial by BarraganPaintings, €65.00 #italian #landscape

Looking for a touch of warmth for your home? Check out this Set of Landscape & Still Life Flower Oil by BarraganPaintings. FREE shipping thru Dec. 2014. Use code: PINTEREST14 at checkout.

Did you know that pomegranates are a symbol of abundance & prosperity? They make great well-wishing cards. Pomegranate Postcards set of 5 fruit by BarraganPaintings on Etsy, €7.00 #pomegranate #art