This photo is great. This shows that someone's tattoos don't limit them from things. This baby has a father that has tattoos, and he probably will grow up to not even notice them, or to think they're acceptable, because this is his father. Tattoos do not take away people's capacity to be good

Hell yes

color flair

“What are you gonna look like when you’re 60 with all those tattoos?” “Fucking bad ass”

I always want only two things: lose weight and eat.


cute sister tat

'Fine' is a horrible word to hear a depressed person say. It means they're anything but ok.

WoW Old Tattoo - at least they are not just another old couple :)


. #Tattoos #Girls

great quote

to those who say, "when you're old you'll look like an idiot with all those tattoos...", this lady proves you wrong :)



Although I will probably never get a tattoo, love this look. If I did get a tattoo, it would be a full-sleeve on the left arm only, with a visible peak above the neckline of an oxford, and another visible peak on the back of my hand.