The moment when you get a better grade than expected. This happens to me on almost a daily basis lol

my life


I love how SpongeBob is so applicable to life in general.

Truth. Love it haha

This is me when I need to create the test for my kids, too! I read the questions to them one day because I never actually got around to typing them out! #procrastination

Yup. All the time.

My face after my science test last week.

Hehe totally read in patrics voice!!

... Yep, that sums it up :P

all the time

How I'm feeling right now with my paper.

I wish we could be tested on song lyrics

Hm, which is it? #college #textbooks


Otherwise known as final week: the state of delirium. Nursing school. or the Renal Test! My entire lab table during our Respiratory-Digestive systems test.

This is so true.

How I feel every time..

Very True!

sooo true! lol