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#1 SECRET love trick that will make ANY MAN desire you...CLICK TO SEE..incredible!!

Tomorrow will be a new chapter in my life. This book is getting very interesting. #wisdom #affirmations / Insight <3 Oh. How I would LOVE to write a book !!!

All of the best love stories.. So true and you have to have someone willing to work and fight for what you two have a place where you lean how to Discover your passions, do what you love doing most. & Have fun doing it! #passion #quote #inspiration #motivation #success #passiontribe

love is knowing someone's weaknesses and not taking advantage of them. knowing their flaws and accepting who they are

Forehead kisses ❥ he always kissed me on the forehead I felt like he was my hero. -DF

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❤️ I am lucky to have found mine, hope you find your someone special one day, rushing to marry someone out of lust before finding out the real person he/she may be, is a sure way to disaster! You will find that special person, I truly do feel sorry for those in a wasted time of an unhappy marriage, especially when children are involved with adults in a loveless marriage and stay together to prove a point to someone that you can have that person. Don't forget exes don't care.

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