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thread organization - use moulding to make frame around spool holder...I may just find a frame to fit around one of these, either way, a very cute idea!

Tutorial explaining how to sew with elastic thread and showing some of the amazing things you can do with elastic thread!

Using this in my studio at Allie and Co.-- Thread Storage Solution--This includes two, three drawer storage bins used for scrap book paper. Each drawer is 14" x 14" by 2 1/2" deep. I used 1/4" dowels that I cut into 1 1/2" lengths using pruning shears! I pre-marked the drawers, used a little hot glue and wait till cool. I hope it helps! Mona

Nice Way to Create a Small Sewing area in the corner of a Room....I think a Folding Room Divider would be a nice touch if you want to separate it in a Living Room, Bedroom, etc. so you can hide the clutter when you are working on a project. That way you son't have to put your "Stuff" away all the time when you want to the room to look nice Fast!

Use spools of thread for hooks on the wall to hold all kinds of stuff. Great for a sewing room. i like it as a necklace holder....or coat rack. I have lots of old threads, too weakened by time, to sew with, I could do a whole rack of these on a board, and use it anywhere. They could be sealed first to make sure the color of the thread won't run if used for anything wet, like towels.

This wouldn't be hard to make, and I love the idea of having my bobbins next to my thread so I don't have to go matching them up later!


How do you store your thread and other sewing notions?

Thread storage