• Hayley McLean

    a little light reading and is now on my reading list.

  • Evelynn B.

    Okay, I found myself laughing really hard at this. Not because of it's original funny context, but because Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix has the nickname of "Potatoes". You'll get that reference if you're a Pentaholic like me. xD

  • Sarah Herr

    Book Club #1 pick

  • Alex Bowman

    This is hilarious! I can't believe that's actually a book. #Potato #Funny #History #Social #Meme

  • Amy Andrick Hissong

    The History And Social Influence Of The Potato. I've been around enough libraries I can believe this is a thing.

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just incredible!! one of the members came into work today too!

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