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Paul Wellstone

Paul Ryan

Bruce Lee

John Kennedy, Jr.

Mr. Newman. The 1% - doing it right.

Barack Obama As A Young Man at Harvard. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law.

george clooney

Charles Darwin.

Ben Affleck

Don Cheadle.

Robert Downey Jr.

Jeff Goldblum

Harry Connick, Jr. Love him!

Heath Ledger.

Daniel Day-Lewis

Ironically, Al Gore admitted later that the polar ice caps that were melting was a lie, yet this person had never been recognized for her contributions for her honest work except for those who have removed their rose colored glasses....

Bob Marley

I just know that Obama's wallet has "Bad Motherfucker" written on it.

Senator Paul Wellstone (1944-2002)

john kennedy jr Greatness cut short My heroes on the left either die or are murdered. How can we effect change?

Jimmy Carter: greatest ex-president. EVER. A true hero.