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Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)

Paper beads

DIY paper bead facts

DIY paper bead facts

DIY paper bead facts

how to make paper beads My Grandma Davis made these...I still have a few of her necklaces.

Miçangas de papel - Reciclagem 1- Separe o papel. Revista é a melhor opção. 2- Corte triângulos longos com base mínima de 2 cm.3- Passe cola no papel, enrole com o palito.4- Mantenha a ponta do triângulo no meio da miçanga. Aqui, usou-se uma ferramenta de 2 pontas. O básico é usar um palito de churrasquinho. -Passe uma leve camada de selante acrílico e torne-as mais duráveis; -Pinte com tinta guache; -Enrole miçangas com cola e glitter, dê brilho; -Use tecidos pesados e a mesma…


Paper Bead Jewelry- Sheet Music Bracelet

paper bead jewelry-sheet music bracelet

word beads: take a paperback book, tear out the pages, cut pages in strips horizontally with an exacto knife, trim the edge of a strip you want to use so a word shows, wet the first inch of the other end of the strip with water, wet the toothpick, mod podge both sides, twirl the strip, press end tight for a moment, coat with more mod podge, stick toothpick in scrap styrofoam to dry, remove bead using needle nose pliers and, voilà! you can watercolor the page if you want colored beads, too!

How to make a paper fruit basket from a paper grocery bag. Perfect for holding fruit, cookies, flowers, and much more! This could be applied to bird toys too!

For all those paper crafters who love jewelry too–this is for you! Paper beads are easy to make and you get to use your favorite papers to create your very own jewelry. It's so simple, trace and cut your desired bead shape, roll, seal and let dry. This template has 8 different bead shapes