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  • Marissa

    The Trilogy Meter. Die Hard and the Matrix aand the Terminator more of my favorite movies

  • Chelsea Holifield

    The Trilogy Meter. Obviously, this chart won't mesh with everyone's opinion of the first and second films in a series, but can we all agree that, more often than not, the third movie in a series kind of sucks? (Don't give me grief for saying that. There are exceptions!)

  • Cynthia Demers

    Trilogy meter. True story. But I don't agree with Indiana Jones, 3rd one was the best and same thing for Lord of the Rings

  • OrigiCine

    The Trilogy Meter ....Alien, Batman, Blade, Die Hard, Godfather, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Lord Of Rings, Matrix, Meter, Movie Series, Rambo, Rocky, Spiderman, Star Trek, Star Wars, Superman, Terminator, Trilogy, Trilogy Meter, X-men #movies

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