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albino giraffe!

albino giraffe

Leo the albino echidna at Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney. Photo- Tracee Lea

**White Squirrel

Albino Chipmunk

White Buffalo

White Stellers Jay

Ivory, the "partial albino" red-tailed hawk at the Minnesota Zoo

Albino Prairie Dog

Brevard White Squirrels, North Carolina

The Amazing Pictures » The Most Amazing Pictures On The Internet. » Meet Migaloo – The Only White Humpback Adult Ever Registered In History, Near Australia

Albino Hummingbird - Hummingbirds are well known for their bright feathers and the fact that their tiny tongues are like knives, thanks for that tip, Principle Skinner. So imagine the surprise Kevin and Bethany Shank experienced when they saw a ghostly white hummingbird darting about their back garden, haunting their property with the gentle buzzing generated by the furious flapping of its tiny wings. Seeing an albino hummingbird is incredibly, if not impossibly rare.

Albino squirrels

Albino buzzard

Beautiful Amazing World Albino Gorilla

Albino Gator Eye

♥ tigers!

White hummer

Albino baby snapping turtle.

Albino gorilla

white penguin-unusual

A white moose and her calf near Delta Junction and our Fort Greely, Alaska.

Albino Owl

White Tiger