Raised Garden Bed with Cover

Mini Greenhouse - raised garden beds

I love this idea of a mobile greenhouse cover for raised garden beds. We want to do something like this in front of our house.

Creative DIY Raised Garden Beds - Ideas & Tutorials!

pvc pipe + hardware cloth to make raised garden beds cat/bird proof - also cover with white plant fabric to extend growing season

danger garden: Mini-greenhouses or raised beds? Both! - This is so cool! Raised bed, mini-greenhouse that slides open! How awesome is that!!

Cool greenhouse idea, great recycle of gutters. Could also just stack these gutters on a vertical frame and put them next to your house or behind your raised garden beds.

How to Build a Removable Cold Frame on top of your raised veg beds...

Raised mini herb garden using flyscreen wire rather than glass covers (good for preventing pest damage rather than frost damage)

Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

raised bed

Homestead Survival: Step By Step Greenhouse DIY Project

DIYready.com: How to Build a Greenhouse | 7 DIY Greenhouses - Greenhouses provide a controlled and protected environment that keep your plants fresh all year long, even during off-seasons and harsh winters. -- You can also grow exotic plants that you wouldn’t be able to otherwise! Here are a few of our favorite DIY greenhouses using various greenhouse supplies

Raised Bed Insert Hoops < Great Raised Garden Beds - Sunset.com

Way easier than windows!

Great way to make an inexpensive giant cold frame - that won't cook your plants in the sun.

Raised Garden Bed from crates


plastic bottle mini greenhouse.