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Top 5 Misconceptions About Evolution - Every time I hear someone say,"It's just a theory" about evolution, I automatically think less of their intelligence...

Habits of Mind...common sense is like any other skill and familair patterning in thinking, being and doing make not have encouraged critcial thinking or common sense. This chart presents different "mind habits" to heighten awareness about conditioned thinking.

Task Cards - Variables {Independent, Dependent, Controlled}

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Long-Term Bisphosphonate Use Linked to Atypical Fracture Risk - In October 2010, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) told doctors about a link between bisphosphonates and the risk of breaking a leg bone in an unusual spot. Doctors call this "atypical femur fracture." The femur is the large leg bone that runs from your hip to your knee.

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Expectant management = caregivers take a “wait and see” approach. Labor is closely monitored and medical intervention is used when the circumstances require it, but are not routinely offered to everyone. Time limits are not routinely applied to labor. Caregivers adopting this philosophy generally expect that their clients will take on a much greater involvement in the decision-making process.


As the blastocyst sinks deeper into the endometrium, the outer layer of cells, progressively outward from the implantation pole, is transformed into a single, gigantic multi-nucleated syncytiotrophoblast* by fusion of the individual cells. The inner layer of cells, not in contact with the endometrium, remain unfused as cytotrophoblasts**.