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Superheroines Give Self Exams In Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast Cancer Campaign She-Hulk by Maísa Chaves Breast Cancer Campaign Wonder Woman by Maísa Chaves Breast Cancer Campaign Catwoman by Maísa Chaves Breast Cancer Campaign Storm by Maísa Chaves Each...
  • G. Scarleth A. B

    These images developed by the Associacao de Luta Contra o Cancer (ALCC) in Mozmbique may at first glance depict iconic superhero women groping their breasts, but once you wake up from whatever sick nerdy dreamland you’re living in, you’ll notice that Wonder Woman, Storm, She-Hulk and Cat Woman are actually conducting self breast exams. The ALCC used these ads during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

  • Candace Cunningham

    Catwoman for Breast Cancer Prevention - comics

  • Capitol Media Solutions

    Not even Catwoman is immune to breast cancer - a cool breast cancer awareness campaign featuring female superheros

  • Vernita P

    If It's Hip, It's Here: Two Comic Approaches To Breast Cancer Awareness. I Don't Mean Funny, I Mean Superheroes.

  • Ignazia C/

    #health #breastcancerawareness

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