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    Violet & Daisy Hilton www.theglamourai....

    daisy and violet hilton, conjoined twins. I love the hilton twins.

    Daisy & Violet Hilton www.theglamourai....

    conjoined twins, Daisy and Violet Hilton

    Daisy and Violet Hilton. Violet kissing her fiance, Maurice Lambert.

    Daisy & Violet Hilton www.theglamourai....

    Daisy & Violet Hilton

    Violet and Daisy Hilton 1908-1969

    Violet and Daisy Hilton, Sideshow performers the Hilton sisters is a story is very interesting story

    Siamese Twins Daisy & Violet Hilton born 1908

    Daisy and Violet Hilton~ The Hilton sisters conjoined twins. Sideshow, a musical based on their lives growing up in the 1930's traveling throughout Freak Shows

    The real Daisy and Violet Hilton, conjoined twins, are shown in a 1933 photo.

    Daisy and Violet Hilton (conjoined twins), with the Dallas Boys, another set of vaudeville twins, 1926

    violet and daisy hilton

    Violet & Daisy Hilton

    Violet and Daisy Hilton

    Daisy and Violet Hilton (Martin Munkacsi), 1932

    Violet and Daisy Hilton were conjoined twins sharing a common blood and nervous system. They were sold by their impecunious mother to a midwife, who greedily took advantage of their misfortune; while they sang, danced, played instruments in circus sideshows, their veritable slave-owner kept all their earnings and forbade them from socializing. Eventually a lawyer helped them escape and even reacquire money they were swindled out of. They went on to do movies (including 1932’s Freaks).

    Conjoined twins Daisy & Violet Hilton

    Sharply dressed couple sitting for a full length portrait shot taken at the Daisy Studio. Memphis, TN, 1942. Vintage Black American photography courtesy of Black History Album.

    Siamese Twins Bob and Billy Houston born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains. Currently performing regularly in the South.