swimsuit girls

Cute swimsuits from the 60s.

1955 - Catalina Men's Swimwear Vintage Ad

Swimsuits.Glamour Magazine, 1957


Chromspun 1956


Carol Brent two-piece vintage swimsuits from the pages of the Montgomery Ward catalog, 1965. #vintage #1960s #swimsuits

I find it fascinating how curvy women were deemed as the epitome of beauty in the early twentieth century, and now in the last few decades being stick-thin is prized and sought after SMH!!! Let's get it together people.

1930s swimsuits

1960s swimsuits

swimsuit envy

Ad for Jantzen 'Dreamliner' swimwear, 1950s.

Let's swim in 1954 style

vintage swimsuit



vintage beachwear // 30s

Adorable bathing suit.

memorial day fourth 4th of july red white blue party holiday entertaining food drinks decor ideas inspiration. i love the red and white polka dot swim suit, and blue and white one behind it

1940s swimwear