A water bottle for the gym that holds your personal things- house key, money, drivers license. And it's only $13 from amazon

Kangaroo water bottle // has a storage compartment for keys, money etc. I NEED this! Perfect for working out, gym, yoga.

Self Defense Kitty - Key Chains ... These cute kitty keychains are not toys, but are in fact a very serious defense weapon. The design has been around for years, but the technology has gotten better. They are now made of an ultra-tough plastic material that is very hard to break, which is exactly what you need should you ever have to use this device. Makes a great gift for any women.

One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder - Genius! #product_design #industrial_design

cool inventions | Cool Genius Inventions | Oh My World! Good for allergies too!

Everyone needs this! hot dog cutter slicer thing


iShower, Water Resistant Speaker....I will be putting this on my Christmas list!

Crazy...Shoes holding you back? Barefoot Running 'Stickers' - Now that's hardcore. You go Nike.

This was the top pinned image of the month! I love it when the image contains the instructions too. Can order some lavender essential oil on Amazon


Workout water bottle

Silicone-Sleeve Glass Water Bottle Durable glass leaves your water tasting pure and fresh.

this is handy

Oster My Blend Blender

This is such a GREAT invention! No more balancing your shampoo bottle in the shower or leaning the ketchup on the sink. Flip-it Cap lets you get the very last drop in any bottle.

Reef Stash sandals. I want.

Hydracoach Intelligent Water Bottle tracks your water consumption, sets a pace, and motivates you to meet your optimum hydration level.

The Intelligent Water Bottle by SportLine , calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your consumption through the day, paces you, and motivates you