Crayon heart wall art - made this for my little girl, easy to make, just arrange in a heart and melt crayons with a blow dryer (there will be lots of splatter fyi).. add a picture in the middle to use it as a frame

This is one of the most beautiful crayon melting projects I have ever seen.

Heart melted crayon art

DIY easy wall decor

This is such a cute idea

This is purchased but I think it could be easily reproduced with a stencil and melted crayons or dribbled craft paint.

So doing this with all of Emma's broken crayons!

crayon melting

My own efforts at melted crayon art for our daughter... Board is the normal backing to the picture frame. Painted with white chalk paint. Letter and umbrella blanks cut out of cardboard and the rest is obvious from the pics.

Melted crayon art.

melted crayons! -- crayons through a hot glue gun onto canvas. The. Best.

Melted Crayon Heart! love

Doing this for Valentines Day, turning it into a heart and putting pictures of me and my boyfriend in the middle!

Crayon Art... now this is even cooler than the other kind of crayon art! via @JoAnn O'Farrell with Homer

Melted Crayon Art

Super easy and pretty once you get it on the wall! Crayola crayons, and hot air to melt!

So easy!

DIY Crayon Drip Holiday Ornaments -fun idea!

Melted Crayon Wall Art With A Quote

totally doing this.

fav crayon art