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Majani Fiat Cinquino - Chocolate Cars :)

Majani Fiat Cinquino - Chocolate Cars :)

The future of RVs

The future of RVs

Solar power - Tiny mobile home ? Solent RV Concept: Solar Powered Hybrid Electric Camper with Car.

Göttinger Ei: Dieses rundliche Auto wurde 1939 von Karl Schlör von Westhofen-Dirnstein an der Aerodynamischen Versuchsanstalt in Göttingen entwickelt. Der Schlörwagen, auch bekannt als Göttinger Ei, wurde damals mit einem cW-Wert von 0,186 gemessen.

Karl Schlör and his invention, the incredibly aerodynamic 1939 Schlörwagen Pillbug. The car achieved an impressive drag coefficient (Cd) of unbelievably low even for today. Due to the start of WWII this car was not produced, and the only one made

1914 prototype

A 4060 HP was a race and road car made by A.A (later called Alfa Romeo). Its top speed was 125 kmh mph). 4060 HP production and development was interrupted by the First World War, but resumed briefly afterwards

teeny car, looks like one of the old peddle cars!

Hipster grandpa - Funny old man smoking a pipe while riding a three-wheel vintage car like a hipster.

1955 Fuji Fujicabin Model 5A - a three wheel car.

Blue 1955 Fujicabin Minicar -- why would you want to drive a Hummer if you could have this thing?

BMW is using robots for final car door assembly along with humans as the process itself is difficult and require pretty tough manpower.

With the next generation of Ford vehicles comes the next generation of Ford Manufacturing. Down at the Louisville, Kentucky assembly plant, Ford assembly technicians have joined forces with a team of more than 700 robots to build the new 2013 Ford Escape.

Sir Vival, 1958.  I don't know if more than one of these was made, but one was seen a few years ago rusting out on the Massachusetts /Connecticut border.  So weird!  Therefore, SO cool!

"Sir Vival" (pronounced survival) was designed by WC Jerome, a Massachusets inventor, to be the 'safest car in the world'. Sir-Vival concept car, "the safest car in the world" - apparently, safety isn't necessarily pretty.