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Look out~ lol

Dachshunds - Death from the ankles down. So, the contractor guy, he thought the beware of dog sign was a joke.um, not so much dude. I told you to wait outside until I got the ankle biter put away.

Know the rules

Dachshund Property Laws - Dachshunds always claim everything as theirs.

Got lotsa that! my dog that is in heaven used to leave, as I called them, "Puppy Slugs" on the window!

My windows aren't dirty. that's my dog's nose art. I have nose art all over my car windows and I wouldn't have it any other way :)

i said, NO bubbles allowed!

There should be a photo that shows this weiner's expression after that bubble pops! My dachshund loves bubble.


Dog Humor: Look deeply into my eyes… you feel compelled to buy me a bone.

we're not worthy

Barbie Dolls Pray to a Dachshund God: All hail to the great god of dogs! Barbie and family pay homage to the great caped doggie god as he stands up on two legs

Aww, yes this is totally my dog right here!

The only thing my mini snuggles with is me. She's a mini badger.

Did You Eat My Bone??

Snail confronted with a Chihuahua puppy! Wow, is this a big snail or a tiny dog?