Number 4 & Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane and Four.

Sarah Jane Smith with Ten and K-9.

Fourth Doctor, Harry Sullivan & Sarah Jane Smith - They are riding down a street in London, and the Doctor looks nervous because he can't drive his own car! ( Tom Baker, Ian Marter & Elisabeth Sladen)

Sarah Jane Smith & the Fourth Doctor

Sarah Jane

the first five • Hartnell • Troughton • Pertwee • Baker • Davidson // Doctor Who

Doctor Who....

"The Starlet - Copper on Jet - Special Edition - Dr. Who" — Omg, I found Clara's dress! Wasn't even trying. I love it though.

Sarah Jane and Four

Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) and Elisabeth Sladen #doctorwho #scifi #sciencefiction #photo

Love it

3 was his Doctor

I love how having a small role on Doctor Who doesn't prevent you from getting a larger one later.

Gotta love me some Tom Baker. :)

Tom Baker as The Doctor, played the role for a very long time (9 years, I think)

the Doctor & Sarah Jane; I was crushed when she and 4 parted, never warmed up to Leela

Doctor Who

Vintage Doctor Who Necklace; I remember my friend once bought me this... then the TARDIS fell off while I was wearing it outside and I never found it. o(╥﹏╥)o

Will miss you, Matt Smith :(