Sorry but with the exception of waking up on Saturdays for cartoons, these describe the '80s. Once again kids in '90s get it right, SIKE!!! Oregon Trail was developed in the 70s but it wasn't until the 80s that computers were in schools and available to students. "Then why don't you marry it?" Was made popular by Peewee Herman in Peewee's Playhouse which aired from 1986-1990.

For '90s kids.

90's kid

90's kid

Love this and miss these days - kickin it old school

Us 90's kids know:)

90's is where it's at..

Wow can't believe how true all of these are and the memories it brings back!

Literally my childhood || Knowing this rhyme by heart: | 50 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Your Childhood

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haha 90's kid

It's funny how accurate these actually are.

only 90's kids...because they clearly stopped making Popsicles in 1999.

no need to just weren't an 90's kid

Haha true.

haha for real


So true