SO TRUE!! good old days. Oregon trail!!! My mom being the computer teacher at my elementary school I got to play whenever I wanted, but I still loved that game!!!

90's kid

90's kid

The good old days....

For '90s kids.

90s kid problems

Clarissa Explains it all! Used to watch the crap out of this show! 90s kid!!

Love this and miss these days - kickin it old school

Teenager post

Didn't everybody do this? And I am pretty sure everyone said "Luke I am your father" into the fan as well.

This nifty summary of every kid's vocabulary:

So true.

I miss the 90s.

The 90s lied to me.

so true

Mash @Amanda Rashford

90's kids only

Happens all the time

90's life.

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This is me. 💯 #pickyeater