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Cool science experiment for kids! Rainbow Roses Get white of cream colored long stem roses. (Carnations work well too). Cut the stem according to the picture, you will then place 4 glasses of food color dyed water together. Put one piece of stem per color and allow the flower to soak up different colors.

Paging Fun Mumsfrom Paging Fun Mums

Fun Science Experiment! - Learning how plants absorb water

How plants absorb water science experiment! I've done celery, but this is better!

Egg dipped in vinegar...neat experiment to do with kids @Kate Mazur Mazur Mazur Del Bene An idea for Rowan's Science Fair project?

Playdough To Platofrom Playdough To Plato

Rainbow Jar

Science for kids, kids science, rainbow jar, make a rainbow in a jar

Color changing flower experiment - just add food coloring to the water and watch flowers change colors.. What a fun idea for the kids!!


Build a Terrarium Activity

Activities: Build a Terrarium

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Salt and Ice Activity - Science for Kids

Colorful, frozen hands science experiment.

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Which Chocolate Melts The Fastest And Why? Dark, Milk or White Chocolate?

Which Chocolate Melts The Fastest? Dark, Milk or White? - eww, a potential science project for the class


How Clouds Form

C1 Science W23: How Clouds Form

Lemon Lime Adventuresfrom Lemon Lime Adventures

20 Must-Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids

20 Must Try Winter Science Experiments for Kids | Love these experiments with everything from ice to frozen bubbles